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Chlor-alkali ion membrane,ion exchange membrane,chlor alkali membrane

Number hhs064
Type ion exchange membrane
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Color transparent
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction

ptfe membrane wikipedia,

Supporting frame: PTFE, not easy to break.

Surface: Coated with perfluorosulfonic acid resin,

Properties: hydrophilic, better degassing.

Performance: No pinholes on the surface,Heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance.Chlorine oxidation and bleach resistance.The material has low electrical resistance and uniform conductivity.High current efficiency and low energy loss.Can be suitable for higher current density (max 6.5KA/m2).

Alkali production concentration: 30-35%.

Product parameters


Product specification

Circulation mode: bipolar natural circulation

Number of electrolyzers: 1 set (H shape)

Number of cell slots: 94 Pcs

Membrane size: W*1350 x L*2460 (mm),thickness 200-300um ,

Membrane model: HHSDF2807A,

   Tensile strength: >20MPa

   Bursting strength: >0.6MPa

   Tear resistance: >30N

   Folding Endurance: 2

Electrode effective area: 2.7m2

Operating current: 3.3KA/m2

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