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Application of polyimide film in the electronics and aerospace industries

Issuing time:2024-06-27 09:40

Polyimide film is widely used in the electronics and aerospace industries due to its unique combination of properties. It is very suitable for various electronic components and equipment, as well as very demanding aerospace applications.

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1. In the electrical and electronic industry

Polyimide film is widely used as the base material of flexible PCBs. Because these flexible films have greater design flexibility, compact dimensions, and the ability to bend or adapt to different shapes in the circuit, its excellent flexibility, high temperature resistance and electrical insulation properties are ideal for the circuit board industry. In the electronics industry, it can be used as an insulating material for wires and cables. Because polyimide film has excellent electrical insulation properties, thermal stability and chemical resistance, because it is often used in high temperature environments in the wire and cable industry, the use of film is one of the best protective materials.

Polyimide film is used as a dielectric layer in integrated circuits (ICs). It can provide electrical isolation between different layers. Thanks to the low dielectric constant and high temperature stability of polyimide film, it can greatly reduce the capacitance and crosstalk between circuit components, thereby improving the performance and reliability of ICs. Similarly, in the flexible display and touch screen industry, polyimide films are essential for flexible displays and touch screens, but they are mostly used in substrate materials. The main purpose is to make the display or touch screen flexible and bendable. To a large extent, polyimide film combines the characteristics of optical transparency, flexibility and thermal stability, making it a better choice in these applications.

In addition, polyimide film tapes and sheets are also widely used as insulating materials in the electronics industry. They are used for shielding and protection, conformal coatings and insulation of electronic components during welding. Polyimide film tapes and sheets provide electrical insulation and heat resistance, and will not melt or degrade even when subjected to high temperatures. In the semiconductor manufacturing process, they can be used as a passivation layer to protect the underlying semiconductor devices from environmental factors and provide electrical insulation. Here, the high temperature stability, chemical resistance and compatibility of polyimide films with semiconductor manufacturing processes are applied.

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2. In the aerospace industry:

Polyimide films and foams are used in aerospace thermal protection systems to provide insulation and heat resistance, such as heat shields, thermal blankets and insulation layers, which can protect spacecraft, satellites and aircraft from extreme temperatures when re-entering the atmosphere, flying at high speeds or exposed to strong heat sources; they are also used as electrical insulation materials in aerospace applications, such as wire and cable insulation, circuit boards, connectors and other electrical components, because the high dielectric strength and thermal stability of polyimide films can withstand the harsh and thermal conditions in aerospace environments.

Polyimide film-based materials can also be used in engine parts in various aircraft, such as seals, gaskets, bushings, bearings and engine parts insulation materials. These polyimide films can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh working conditions, such as jet engines and other aerospace propulsion systems. At the same time, some polyimide resins can be used to manufacture high-performance composite materials for aerospace applications, which have excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength-to-weight ratio and fatigue and impact resistance, such as structural parts of the fuselage, aircraft panels, fairings, nose radar covers and other parts that require lightweight, strong and durable materials.

Adhesive films and tapes produced with polyimide materials are widely used in aerospace and can be used to bond and connect various material parts because they have the ability to bond at high temperatures, excellent adhesion to different surfaces and tolerance to thermal cycles and environmental conditions, such as aircraft assembly, repair and maintenance; in spacecraft and satellite applications, they can be used for insulation, thermal control coatings, flexible circuits, solar cell arrays and protective coatings. With the protection of polyimide films, they can withstand the extreme temperatures in space, and their low outgassing performance and excellent dimensional stability make them very suitable for these applications.

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From the above summary, it can be seen that polyimide films play a vital role in the electronics industry and aerospace. Excellent thermal stability, high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to harsh environments, electrical insulation properties, and compatibility with aerospace manufacturing processes ensure high quality, stability, and safety in similar high-precision production and harsh aerospace environments.

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