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Total heat exchange membrane, Gas-gas heat exchange membrane

Number hhs040
Type gas heat exchange
Material Polyester
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction
Purpose: Cold & heat energy recovery and reuse. Realize energy saving. At the same time regulate and obtain proper humidity.
Requirements: There is a certain temperature and humidity difference between the two gases being exchanged. The larger the difference, the better the effect.
Membrane material: polymer functional exchange membrane. Divided into non-porous and porous.
Target medium: Gases of different temperatures (cold & hot)

Product mode and function
● Sensible heat (entropy) exchange: Balance the temperature difference through the membrane body. Let the temperature of the target gas decrease or increase. It is equivalent to pre-cooling or pre-heating.
● Latent heat (enthalpy) exchange: water vapor permeates through micropores. Equilibrates the humidity difference. Reduces or increases the humidity of the target gas. Equivalent to pre-drying or pre-humidification.
● Total heat (entropy + enthalpy) exchange: balance the temperature and humidity differences through the membrane body and micropores at the same time. Let the temperature and humidity of the target gas reach the desired standard at the same time.

Microporous Membrane Total Heat Exchange Recovery Mode

Heat Recovery Film     Membrane for total heat exchanger, gas exchange membrTotal Heat Exchange Membrane

Product parameters

Membrane for total heat exchanger, gas exchange membrane, Heat Recovery Film, Total Heat Exchange Membrane

◆ The above data are typical values tested under certain conditions. For reference only.
◆ Membrane thickness/pore size/actual temperature and humidity difference/pressure may affect relevant data.
◆ Membrane usage environment/air quality may affect actual data.
◆ Environmental and usage conditions may cause mildew or condensation on the membrane surface. Please consult and choose our membranes with corresponding functions.

Application: (Manufacture of total heat exchanger)
1. Recover the energy of the cold gas or warm gas in the building. At the same time, it is used for the temperature and humidity regulation of the intake air. Reuse and reduce energy consumption.
2. The thermal energy used for factory boiler steam and production line exhaust gas is recovered and reused. Reduce waste caused by direct emissions.
3. It is used for the treatment of the exhaust air of the Refrigeration warehouse. The cold energy is recovered and used for pre-cooling and humidity conditioning of the intake air. Reduce cooling energy loss.

1. It will not cause air pollution due to dampness and mildew.
2. The air will not be mixed during the exchange. It will not cause pollution and virus transmission.
3. The porous membrane is very thin. The energy exchange rate and recovery rate are higher. At the same time, the humidity can be reasonably controlled.

4. Membrane cost is lower than other materials. Long service life.
5. Washable and ETO sterilized. Maintenance and replacement are easy.
6. The material is environmentally friendly. No harmful substances are released.

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