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PES membrane hydrophilicity, PES filter membrane roll, Pure membrane

Number hhsf003
Type filter membrane
Material Polyethersulfone
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

PES Membrane roll
Polyethersulfone (PES) microporous membranes are naturally hydrophilic and are made of acid and alkali resistant high temperature polyethersulfone polymers. Therefore, it has high water flux, extremely low protein adsorption capacity, pH2-12, particle retention rate greater than 99.99%, good high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance, in line with FDA biosafety standards, widely used in food, medicine, etc. Fields, such as filtration and clarification of conventional filtration, sterile filtration, intravenous injection, biopharmaceuticals, bacterial separation, etc.

Product Features
1. Hydrophilic: No need for wetting agents that may interfere with the analysis.
2. Low Extractables: Ensure that test results are not affected by wetting agents or other extractables.
3. Low drug and protein binding: maximize the recovery of key drugs or proteins.
4. Has strong anti-stretching ability.

5. High flow rate: PES membrane has high flow rate due to its symmetrical pore structure. This makes them ideal for filtration applications where fast filtration is   required.
6.Chemical Resistance: PES membranes are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including organic solvents and acids. This makes them suitable for filtration applications involving aggressive chemicals.
7.High Purity: PES membranes are manufactured using a controlled process to ensure high purity and low extractables. This makes them suitable for critical applications where purity is critical.
8.High temperature resistance: PES film can withstand high temperature up to 130°C without degradation. This makes them suitable for filtration applications that require high temperature sterilization.       

Product Specifications


*Other pore sizes range from 0.03 μm to 5.0 μm and can be customized to customer specifications.

1. For biological liquid sterilization
2. Water treatment membrane filtration
3. Sterilization of medicines in the medical industry

4. Protein and Enzyme Filtration

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