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Product Details

PO (polyolefin) medical protective membrane material

Number hhs050
Type medical packaging
Material polyolefin
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction

This product is made of high-performance polyolefin material, produced by flash evaporation and spunbond process, and then processed by hot pressing compound process.

Heat shrinkage: <1.5% @100℃ 1h.
Tensile strength: 1750-2300kgf/cm2
Welding: Direct hot pressing or ultrasonic welding, melting point 110-120℃. It can also be bonded with an adhesive layer.
Material properties: hydrophobic grade 3-4. oleophobic grade 5-9


1. Ultra-high molecular weight PO material---flash evaporation---spunbond---hot pressing. It can be directly used for welding, or compound viscose layer.

2. High-performance PO porous membrane--composite functional layer (adhesive layer or welding layer)

Product Specifications & Performance

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Applications & advantages:

● UF grade aperture, effectively intercept germs. Aerosol, PM2.5. Reject liquid water and blood penetration.
● Used for masks. Protective clothing: better than SMS materials (meltblown & spunbond). No fiber shedding. Good breathability and moisture permeability.
● Excellent material and good compatibility. For food/medical ETO sterilization.

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