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Product Details

PO (polyolefin) waterproof breathable membrane material

Number hhss034
Type breathable membrane
Material polyolefin
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction

This product is made of high-performance polyolefin material, which is produced by flash evaporation, spinning and spunbonding process, and then processed by hot pressing compound process. It has high filtration accuracy, High quality, low price, is the most suitable choice to reduce the cost of membrane raw materials.

Heat shrinkage: <1.5% @100℃ 1h.
Tensile strength: 1750-2300kgf/cm2
Welding: hot pressing/ultrasonic/adhesive, melting point 110-120℃.
Material properties: hydrophobic grade 3-4. Oleophobic grade 3-4. Can be enhanced to a higher grade.


1. PO resin particles---flash evaporation---spinning---spunbonding---hot pressing. It can be directly used for welding, or compound viscose layer.
2. High-performance PO porous membrane--composite functional layer (adhesive layer or welding layer)

Product Specifications & Performance


Influencing factors in different applications

membrane filtration water treatment, ceramic membrane filtration, membrane filtration sterilization, millipore membrane filtration

Applications & advantages:

● Used in conventional waterproof and breathable fields. Can replace PVDF/PTFE. Cost saving 30%.
● Waterproof and dustproof grade reaches IP65-68
● High sensitivity to pressure difference, can automatically breathe in time, average internal and external pressure difference.
● A hydrophilic layer can be coated on the inner surface of the membrane, which preferentially absorbs water vapor and condenses into water droplets to keep the humidity inside the device low.
● Coating fluorine material on the membrane surface, the performance is equivalent to PVDF/PTFE membrane. It can save cost.

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