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Number hhs007
Type filter membrane
Material cellulose acetate
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details
Product introduction
Cellulose acetate (CA) membrane of HHS brand is a multi-functional semi-permeable membrane, using high-quality cellulose natural polymer raw material, strong hydrophilicity, high water flux and excellent mechanical properties.

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Product Features

1. It has strong hydrophilicity, that is, it has a strong affinity for water, and can perform various forms of filtration and purification.
2. It has biocompatibility and is suitable for biomedical applications. Among the current customer groups, it is mostly used in blood filtration and drug delivery systems.
3. It has good thermal stability and can withstand high temperature and high pressure. The maximum temperature of 130°C does not affect the bubble point, flow rate or microbial filtration performance, and is suitable for high temperature processes.
4. It is resistant to a variety of chemicals, but if it is used in an environment of strong acid and strong alkali, please consult our technical engineer first.
5. It has excellent mechanical strength and is suitable for use under severe conditions.

CA membrane application, CA membrane specifications

Product specification
1. Pore size, ranging from nanometer to micrometer, depending on the application. Smaller pore sizes can be used for tasks such as removing bacteria or viruses, while larger pore sizes can be used for larger particles.
2. Thickness, the thickness of the film can also vary. Thicker membranes can provide higher mechanical strength but may reduce permeability.
3. Surface area, the total surface area of the membrane affects the overall performance, a larger surface area will generally provide better results due to more contact with the substance being filtered or purified.

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1. Among the current market usage, most of them are used in reverse osmosis systems, seawater desalination and purification industries.
2. Used in various medical applications such as dialysis, blood filtration and drug delivery systems.
3. It can be used in clarification, sterilization and concentration process of food and beverage industry.
4. For sample preparation, particle removal and microbial analysis in general experiments.
5. In the pharmaceutical industry, drug formulation and delivery, sterile filtration and other processes can be performed.
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