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PTFE membrane, PTFE microporous pure membrane, unsupported membrane

Number hhs001
Type filter membrane
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction

Regular Form: Flat Sheet (roll)
Material: 100% PTFE, without supports.
Grade: Industrial/Food/Pharmaceutical Grade
Process: melt casting, biaxial stretching.
Surface properties: natural hydrophobic. Hydrophilic (modified).
Pore diameter : UF grade, 0.05um. (MWCO or   particle statistical method)
MF grade, 0.1/0.22/0.45/1.0/3.0 (um),   (Bubble point pressure method or particle statistical method)
Thickness: 4-40um.
Roll size:
Width: 254-1060mm, Length: min 100m.
Core: 3" (D763mm) paper/plastic tube

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Core functional layer of liquid or gas filtration membrane

Material properties

ModelBubble point(Mpa)Thick(um)Pore size(um)Work Temp(℃)






Pure membrane






Liquid filtration: Ultra high & low temp. Strong corrosiveress. strong solvent.
Air filtration: Ultra high & low temp. Strong corrosiveress. Strong solvent vapor.

Temperature resistance: < 120 degrees, If higher, the pore size and shape will be deformed to a certain extent.
Chemical Compatibility,



Solderability: Viscose, heat press, ultrasonic.
Sterilizable: wet, dry, gamma ray. ETO.

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Factors that determine the performance and parameters of ePTFE microporous pure membrane

1.PTFE raw material performance
Molecular weight, melt index, tensile and tensile strength, elongation, etc., determine the uniformity of PTFE membrane properties after melt calendering (before stretching).
2.Stretching process
When the PTFE film is biaxially stretched, the stretching multiples in the length and width directions are different, and the middle of the film will be thicker than the edge.
3. The shape of micropores is irregular,
relative to the nominal pore diameter value, the positive and negative tolerance is large, and the distribution is not concentrated.
4. The distribution of micropores on the surface of the membrane is uneven,
the pressure is also uneven during work. Membranes and micropores are easily deformed.
5. The thickness of the microporous membrane is 4-45um,
which is very thin. When working under a certain temperature and pressure, the membrane and micropores are easily deformed. The larger the pore size, the lower the interception accuracy and correct rate.
6. The test and evaluation method of pore size,
bubble point pressure method is only suitable for MF-level pore size, and the MWCO method should be used for UF-level pore size. At the same time, it should be combined with DuPont gel particle method for comprehensive evaluation.

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