Production & sales of microporous filtration membrane roll materials
Product Details

PTFE/PP supported hydrophobic membrane, PTFE/PP hydrophobic

Number hhs010
Type filter membrane
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details
Product introduction

The support material is sealed with polypropylene (PP), and the PTFE/PP supported hydrophobic membrane can be laminated to various support materials by heating, through the heat lamination process, without using any adhesives, surfactants, production and testing environment in strict dustproof completed under the standard.

Product features and advantages
Strong hydrophobicity, high flow rate, high precision and effective chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, high and low mechanical strength, clean leachables, no surface peeling, good consistency between rolls

Application industry
1. Acid

2. Alkali

3. Biological agent

4. Process water

5. Compressed gas

6. Ink

7. Medicine

8. Electroplating solution

9. Parts cleaning

10. Electric grade solvent

11. Beverage

12. Chemical

13. Fuel

14. Light Resist

15. Solvents for pharmaceutical intermediates

Product Specifications


*Product specifications can be customized as required

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