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Product Details

PTFE PP Supported Hydrophilic Membrane, PTFE Polypropylene Hydrophilic Membrane

Number hhs014
Type filter membrane
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction
PTFE Strong hydrophilic membrane with polypropylene (PP) support for high performance in liquid filtration, no pre-wetting, clean, no shedding of surfaces, chemical and high temperature resistance, high flow rates. Especially for the filtration of strong corrosive liquids, the filter membrane increases the opening area and improves the flow rate during production. At the same time, this structural feature also ensures high filtration accuracy.

Product features and advantages
Strong hydrophilicity, no need for pre-wetting, clean, no peeling on the surface, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, higher flow rate at a given level

Application industry--microelectronics industry

Ultra-pure electronic grade chemicals, water-soluble chemicals, other high surface tension chemicals, BOE diluted acid-base, water-soluble special mixtures, high viscosity liquids

Product Specifications


*Product specifications can be customized as required

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