Production & sales of microporous filtration membrane roll materials
Product Details

PTFE hydrophobic oleophobic membrane, oleophobic PTFE membrane

Number hhs030
Type breathable membrane
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction
The super hydrophobic and oleophobic PTFE membrane modified by hydrophobic surface treatment (molecular level) can prevent the penetration of pollutants with low surface tension, and water is repelled in the surface and pores of the membrane and cannot pass through, such as detergents, Detergents, oils and chemicals etc.

Product features
Oleophobic class High flow rate & no volatility High chemical resistance, high temperature resistance Strong mechanical properties

Application industry
1. Filtration of organic gases
2. Recovery of organic droplets from industrial exhaust gas
3. Removal of gas from biomass liquid
4. Removal of volatile components in solution
5. Reservoir Breathing
6. Sensors
7. Electronic accessories
8. Control unit
9. Any parts exposed to chemical agents

Product Specifications

oleophobic ptfe membrane, porous porous glass membrane, porous ceramic membrane

*Product specifications can be customized as required

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