Production & sales of microporous filtration membrane roll materials
Product Details

PTFE Membranes for Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical OEM PTFE Membranes

Number hhs018
Type filter membrane
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction
PTFE membrane has wide chemical compatibility, effective retention rate, is an effective barrier for microorganisms and particulate matter, and has the advantages of easy operation. It can be sterilized in various ways and can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices.

Product features and advantages
1. Hydrophobic - gas can pass through, but water cannot pass through, which can effectively prevent liquid leakage and gas swelling
2. High particle retention efficiency - up to 99.999%
3. Clean, no shedding, low leaching
4. Chemical Inertness - Guarantees System Credibility
5. Thermally stable - suitable for a wide variety of environments
6. High air velocity
7. Hole diameter: 0.05-1(μm)
8. High bacteria removal rate
9. Support material: none, PP, PET

Customizable Membranes
HHSTECH company provides different specifications of PTFE membrane to meet your use in the pharmaceutical industry:
Produce membranes of different shapes and specifications; produce membranes with different pore diameters, different air permeability, and particle retention rates

Application industry
1. For filtering
● Acoustic vents
● Medical equipment exhaust
● Drainage bag
● ostomy bag
● urine bag
● Packaging vents
● As a matrix for tissue growth and implantation
● eye drops filter
● Antibiotic filtration
● Fermentation air filtration

2. For fabric
● Medical Apparel: Surgical Apparel
● Auxiliary tools: shoes, hats, gloves, protective masks
● Protective materials for epidemic prevention
● protective underwear
● Medical staff disinfection staff cleaning staff public servants in the epidemic area

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