Production & sales of microporous filtration membrane roll materials
Product Details

PTFE breathable membrane for automobiles, Lights / Sensors / Fuel Tank / Exhaust System / Micro Moto

Number hhs033
Type breathable membrane
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Color white
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction
Better membrane pressure balance to improve product performance, suitable for PTFE breathable membranes used in automotive lights, sensors, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, micro motors, etc., composed of expanded PTFE, good ventilation effect, prevent water, dirt, Contamination from dust, vehicle fluids, etc.


Product features
Contamination control Long service life High air flow & pressure balance Continuous operating temperature: -40°to 260°C High particle removal rate

Product Specifications

SpecificationsAir flow volumeOuter diameter(mm)Inside diameter(mm)
HHSAVS2≥3.0 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)12.77.11
HHSAVS4≥4.1 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)12.77.11
HHSAVS5≥4.8 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)19.058.89
HHSAVS7≥6.5 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)19.058.89
HHSAVS9≥22.2 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)19.5mm ×
HHSAVS14≥15 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)17
HHSAVS15≥3.0 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)12.77.11
HHSAVS16≥4.8 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)19.058.89
HHSAVS17≥4.1 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)12.77.11
HHSAVS18≥6.5 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)19.058.89
HHSAVS25≥4.5 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)5.2
HHSAVS26≥4.5L/h @70mbar(1 psi)6
HHSAVS28≥4.5 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)12
HHSAVS29≥4.5 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)14
HHSAVS38≥1.8 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)105.5
HHSAVS39≥4.5 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)10
HHSAVS40≥0.5 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)73
HHSAVS41≥150 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)35mm × 27 mm
HHSAVS42≥35.1 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)29.64mm × 45.15 mm
HHSAVS43≥11.2 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)12.77.11
HHSAVS47≥16.3 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)5.7
HHSAVS48≥16.3 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)7.5
HHSAVS49≥16.3 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)8
HHSAVS50≥16.3L/h @70mbar(1 psi)10
HHSAVS51≥16.3 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)11.7
HHSAVS52≥16.3 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)14
HHSAVS67≥15 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)17
HHSAVS70≥105 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)17
HHSAVS200≥28 L/h @70mbar(1 psi)14.3

*Only a few specifications are listed, all product specifications can be customized

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