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Product Details

Track Etched Membrane, PET/PC heavy ion microporous membrane, Nuclear porous membrane

Number hhs021
Type filter membrane
Material Polyethylene terephthalate
Color transparent
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction

● Material: High performance PET or PC. Industrial/food/pharmaceutical grade.

Process:   Heavyion shooting + chemical etching to form holes Hole.

Shape:   Standardround. Independent. Not connected.

Runnershape: Standard cylindrical.

Etched filmtrack etched film

Product specifications and parameters


Hole diameter



Pore density


Membrane thickness


Air permeability rate


Water flow(ml/cm2/min)

(25℃,Δp =1kg/cm2)

10.22PET3*108129.42(600pa 20m2)25
20.22PET3*108235(600pa 20m2)18
30.22PC3*1081012(600pa 20m2)21
40.45PET5*1081125.19(600pa 20m2)100
50.45PET7*1071150(600pa 20m2)150
61PET1.5*1071150(600pa 20m2)550
71PET2*1072234(600pa 20m2)450
82PET1*1061018(100pa 20m2)1000
93PET4*106924(100pa 20m2)1750
105PET6*1051040(100pa 20m2)2750
117PET3*1058113(100pa 20m2)3500
127.5PET2*1051146(100pa 20m2)3200
138PET5*1051159.5(100pa 20m2)4000
148PET3*10513109(100pa 20m2)3750
158PET2*1052213(100pa 20m2)3600
1610PET2*1052058(100pa 20m2)5200
1710PC1*1052045(100pa 20m2)4800
1815PET1*10515467(100pa 20m2)8000
1920PET1*10518750(100pa 20m2)15000
Standardrollsize:   * Regular:   W*300mmXL*100m.W*400mmXL*100m

                                *Customized:   Thewidthcanbecut.Thelengthisarbitrary.

Product features and advantages

Pore Density:


Can be set and adjusted.

Very low working pressure.

Can meet the flow requirements of gas & liquid.(Reference Specification Data Sheet)



Stable structure,

pressure resistance. Not easy to break.

Small change in pore size and shape.

Aperture tolerance:


High retention accuracy and efficiency: (example)

>0.1um: retention accuracy>99.9%

=0.1um: retention accuracy>90%

0.1-0.2um: Retention accuracy>95% 0.1-1.0um:Retention accuracy>97%

isoporous membraneMicroporous etched film

Pore dispersion:

uniform. Controllable.

Normal use:

Resistant to conventional acid and alkali . PH2-11(Not resistant to 98% H2SO4 and strong alkali)

Resistant to common organic solvents .

Soluble incresol/nitrobenzene/trichloroacetic acid/chlorophenol)

Resistant to bacteria and microorganisms

Resistant to contamination and adhesion

Resistant to temperatures below 70 degrees

Cleaning Recovery:

Impurities are trapped on the membrane surface

Does not stay in the flow channel

Routine clean water backwash can be restored

Ultrasonic cleaningrestores better

Does not require frequent chemical cleaning with CIP

Typical applications (more prominent advantages)

1. Semiconductor CMP slurry filtration

Microfiltration etched membranenuclear pore membrane09.jpg

2.Liquid Medicine Filtration &Sterilization 2 in 1

   The most precise membrane

3.Chemical liquid purification, chemical reagent manufacturing.

High precision membrane

4.TCT cell culture/separation/analysis, blood filtration and analysis.

Which membrane has the smallest error?Highly selective membrane

5.Environmentaltesting and analysis.

Specific particle filter membrane

6.Potable/DI water terminal filtration.

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