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Track Etched Membrane, PET/PC heavy ion microporous membrane, Nuclear porous membrane

Number hhs021
Type filter membrane
Material Polyethylene terephthalate
Color transparent
Brand HHS
Product Details

Product introduction
Compared with the traditional microfiltration membrane, track etched membrane is made by bombarding the surface of the polymer membrane with heavy ions to generate a track, and then performing secondary chemical etching along the track. The pore size, shape, and density of the membrane are all in a controllable way. It can achieve the most average and accurate filtering effect.

polycarbonate track etched membrane

Product Specifications

cyclopore track etched membrane, track etched membrane

*The above data is the result of using pure film test, which may be different due to factors such as thickness, composite material, pressure, temperature, etc., only for reference

*Width 300mm,400,   length 100m, can be made into various square, round and other shapes of filter sheets according to customer requirements.

Typical applications (more prominent advantages)

1. Semiconductor CMP slurry filtration

Track Etched Film Membrane

Two membranes with different pore sizes were used.
(0.5um and 1.0um)
Exclude unsuitable particles. ( >1.0um and <0.5um)
Obtain the suspended abrasive particles in the target range. (0.5um--1.0um)
Correct rate and intercept rate > 97%. The loss is very small.

Semiconductor/chip CMP slurry filtration data comparison

track etched polycarbonate membrane

2. The filtration and sterilization functions of liquid medicines are 2 in 1.

track etched membrane filtersMembrane pore size 0.1um or 0.2um.
Bacteria removal rate>99.9%.Impurity removal rate>99% (greater than

thenominal pore size of the membrane)
Pressure and flow are more stable.

3. Chemical liquid purification, chemical reagent manufacturing.
The one-time filtration effect is better than the multiple-time filtration

effect of other membranes.
Higher analytical purity requirements can be obtained with two filtrations.
The target subject loses very little.

4. TCT cell culture and analysis, recovery and separation of virus cells, blood filtration and analysis.
Can be customized to the desired pore size. Pore density. Porosity.
The number and dispersion of cells retained and cultured are controllable.
It is beneficial to observe and evaluate the changes of data in experiments.

5. Liquid food/beverage/wine filtration
Decolorization. Clarification. Impurity removal. Sterilization. Concentration. One-time realization.
There is very little loss of active ingredients.

6. Environmental testing and analysis.
The error between the data and the actual is very small. It is conducive to objective evaluation.

7. Potable/DI water terminal filtration.
as a last resort.
Retention of self-harming substances precipitated by ion exchange resins.
A fugitive that may have saturated or failed.
Including fibers and harmful substances that may be shed by the water treatment system itself.

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